4 Critical Executive Job Search Facts:

1. As a result of the competitive post-2008 market, interviewing is no longer a case of "Be charming and answer the questions!"

2. The advancement of social media requires new knowledge and search skills from executive job seekers.

3. More than 80% of all executives don't actively manage their careers!

4. We place >90% of our high-tier executive clients each year.

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Success Is Measured by Results!

All outplacement firms are not the same!

The difference is a firm's success rate in actually placing clients. Even in the recently improved job market, there are still dramatically more candidates in search as executives who waited out the 2008 - 2016 down market launch job searches in an effort to make up for lost time. 

Clearly the old Outplacement Model is not good enough. Last year, we helped our executive clients move to the next level and chapter in their careers with industry-leading,  documented results.

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Recruiting changes over the past decade can have a serious impact on today's  executive job search.

Do you understand the role of recruiting in your search campaign in today's market?

As a retained search recruiting firm, we work with corporate clients in all industries across the United States. We are also a major player in Top Echelon, a consortium of high-end recruiting firms in the US. This allows us to tap into a nation-wide job database on behalf of executive and corporate clients. 

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When transitioning to higher levels in their careers, executives are often negatively impacted by their belief in and adherence to one or more common job search myths. 

Failure to effectively understand and avoid this thinking can damage short- and long-term income and result in other career mistakes ranging from the merely inconvenient to the profoundly negative.

Get acquainted with the twelve most common job search myths and how they can affect your search here:


The increased challenges of transitioning in today's highly competitive job market mean that the risk of ‘going it alone’ is far higher than in the past. This video explores the key elements of the executive job search process and suggests why you might consider having SCC~Williamsburg help with your campaign. 

After you watch it, contact us for an in-depth, no-obligation consultation. We'll review your goals, search strategiy and performance to date and recommend steps that can have a significant impact on the prospects for your search success.

Chuck McConnell's  Unique Approach to Understanding Executive Job Search

A must-read for those who are serious about managing their career.   

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