We’ve heard it many times: “successful executives manage their careers.” But, how is it done and how do you know if you’re doing it well?

We speak to thousands of executives each year. The vast majority are just floating with the current; taking what the market offers them in terms of job opportunities, offers and compensation. As a result, many aren’t happy with where they've ended up and the lack of promise they discover.

Floating with the current may have been OK pre-2008. But since the economic meltdown, that can be a mistake and have a seriously negative impact on a career..


 • Your only job security comes from continuing to progress in your career.

 • Failure to continue to develop could produce serious marketability and hire-ability issues down the road. For executives over “a certain age”, this includes the possibility that, next time, a preferred candidate status becomes more difficult to justify.

 • This scenario makes targeting the right companies and positioning yourself for the right job critical first-steps in planning your next move.

 • Beyond targeting, success also requires that you be able to gain interviews, get the offer against very strong competition and negotiate a level of compensation that affirms your value in the marketplace.

 Today, successful executives engage SCC ~ Williamsburg to help them manage the critical next-steps in their career.