Chuck McConnell's book "Conquer Your Yips, Win the Employment You Target" is a must-read for any senior executive who wants to maneuver successfully through the sand traps of the post-2008 job market and score the right next career move.

What Others Say About "Conquer Your Yips"

"A fascinating book about the challenges most of us face in our working lives ... getting the new job." Michael Smith; Vice President (Retired), Elof Hansson Inc.

"Every job-seeker needs this book! Packed with antidotes so you’ll avoid those job-hunting whiffs, flubs and yips." Lucy Hedrick, Author, “Five Days To An Organized Life “ 

"An ingenious comparison of career search challenges with the vicissitudes of golf." Tom Healy, Global Bank Relationships Manager (Retired), Texaco Inc.

"Lots of good stuff in here, wish I read something like this way back when. Not your usual job search guide! Conquer Your Yips will unquestionably help you land that job you want, it might even improve your golf game." Peter Wilder, Business Development Director (Retired), Pfizer Animal Health Division

"Conquer Your Yips"is available from ArchwayBarnes & Noble, or Amazon.

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