Ron G. – $300K base, $25k signing bonus, 15.4% retirement funding – 2-Month Search

Ron had excellent credentials, including an MBA from a top school, and very impressive quantitative achievements. But, he knew nothing about behavioral interviewing. He is a very straight-shooter and a direct communicator. In hindsight, he thought he may have gotten taken out of the running in previous interviews without even realizing why.

After completing his resume and SC&C WebFolio©, we spent a great deal of time on interview preparation and practice, culminating in his office visit which included one-on-one time with our senior behavioral interviewer as well as time spent on negotiation strategies and tactics.

Ron was very active in his networking and revised his LinkedIn™ profile based on our recommendations. As a result, he received several interviews from some of the top executive search firms. His first interview with XXXX was successfully navigated and, although they asked several times, he maneuvered his way out of answering “the compensation question” so that he could truly show his value throughout the interview process. Ron had two panel interviews and multiple individual interviews over a two-month period. After meeting with his soon-to-be direct reports, he received an offer that same day.

When asked which aspects of the SCC ~ Williamsburg program he most attributes to this success, Ron credited the behavioral interviewing training and practice, and salary negotiation assistance.

Duane P. – 2-month search nets President role within driving distance of home plus $275K base, 65% bonus, $10K signing bonus, LTIP at 0.5% profits and $700/mo car allowance!

Duane came to us when his job as President of a major auto parts marketer was eliminated as a result of an acquisition. His credentials were impressive; including an Engineering undergrad, his MBA, and Six Sigma Green Belt. He was seeking a General Manager role, and had deep experience in sales, marketing, operations and strategy, and tenures in both B2B and B2C manufacturing companies. His geographical preference was northeast US so he could commute from his CT home.

SCC ~ Williamsburg worked with Duane on taking his interview answers from good to great, culminating in his SCC ~ Williamsburg office visit in which he trained on both 1-on-1, Behavior and panel simulated interviews. He worked on keeping his stories succinct, and sharing behavioral competencies as part of his answers so that he would be selling not only what he had done, but more importantly who he is. This office visit coincided with several interviews with XXXX for a President position that oversaw two of their PE-acquired businesses. The day after our practice interviews, he met with XXXX’s bankers and subsequently learned he had “sealed the deal” when they announced that they would be recommending him for the position.

The offer he got was outstanding — base pay similar to his last position, for a smaller operation, plus higher bonus potential and equity in the form of a Long Term Incentive Plan. It also included a $10,000 signing bonus if he would start in three days! What the offer did not include, was any kind of exit or severance package. Duane and SCC ~ Williamsburg worked on negotiation strategies, justification, and approach, and he successfully negotiated a one-year exit package as well as retention of the signing bonus despite a delayed four-week start date. Duane would also be based within a commutable distance from his home! He is thrilled with the professional assistance received from SCC ~ Williamsburg and, of course, his employment results.

Gordon G. – Sr. Director of Finance – $185K with 50% bonus (37.5% guaranteed 1st year), $3,500 signing bonus

Gordon came to SCC ~ Williamsburg after a 30-year tenure with a national communications company. He was concerned that not having looked for a job in a very long time and also his age could be hindrances in his search. He was offered another position with his firm but turned it down because he was not willing to move. With a background in Finance, and experience in Operations/Supply Chain, Gordon wanted a role that would lead to a VP level position.

At SCC ~ Williamsburg’s direction, Gordon worked on articulating his competencies, achievements, and success stories. He also worked on his interview skills; overcoming potential employer objections, and on “closing” the interview. He was continuously active in interviewing with target companies, and even elected not to pursue some opportunities due to the relocation that would be required.

When Gordon found himself in late stage interviews with XXXX – a major food manufacturing company, SCC ~ Williamsburg provided valuable counsel on juggling other interviews, timing, negotiating and decision-making – especially once the offer was received. Using our negotiating counsel, SCC ~ Williamsburg helped Gordon add a guaranteed first-year bonus of $70K to the offer he accepted just one day before a scheduled day of interviews with another company.

Gordon is thrilled with his new position as it allows him to be the “CFO” of his company while reporting to the VP of Finance of the parent firm. His new position offers a great deal of growth potential and is only 20 minutes from his house! Gordon credits the continuous input from SCC ~ Williamsburg with kudos: “Thank you for your counsel and support over the last several months. I appreciate your support and I think it was valuable to talk and check in weekly for your guidance.”

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