If you'd like to see how prepared you are to conduct a successful job search in this market, the following self-tests can be a big help in strengths and weaknesses in your search campaign plan. They’ll reveal the difficult tactical questions you will probably face in this job search. We won’t see your answers. This is strictly for your benefit.

1. How Competitive Are You?

You must employ the correct tactics to succeed in this job search. Click the title above to answer a few key questions about the tactics you are using. How will you measure up compared to those who are doing all the "right things" in their search?

2. Interview Strategies and Tactics

Interviewing is quite a bit more than playing "Question and Answer Tennis". Your responses can make the difference between failure to connect and winning on all counts. To get the offer, you must establish the superiority of your value compared to the highly qualified competitors you will be facing. The secret to obtaining a rich and full compensation package in a market where companies seem to have the upper hand in any negotiation is to establish a high “Price/value” ratio at each step of the search. by distinguishing yourself from the other candidates. Click the title above to review your knowledge of interview strategies and tactics.

3. Career Management Strategie andTactics

In the end, the course of your career track and the rewards you derive are a result of effective career planning and opportunity management driven by actionable and realistic goal-directed strategies. Click the title above to test your knowledge of career management strategies.

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